Beauty Tips You Must Read Before Your Big Day

How to Prepare for Your Big Event

So you have a big party coming up…let’s get ready for it! What do you need to think of? What do you need to know? How can you be best prepared?

Allow me help you plan for your wedding or special event!

Planning your hair and makeup for your big day can be stressful. Before you get bogged down with worries, I highly recommend going for a consultation or trial with your hairstylist and makeup artist. They can help you plan the full look and also give you tips so that you have everything ready well in advance! That will alleviate some of the stress and you can check that off of your to-do list!

Trying Something New:

Your wedding day or special event is usually not the time to try something completely new and out of your comfort zone. You don’t want to look back at pictures 5 years later and not recognize yourself. You want to look and feel like yourself, albeit a more elegant or glamorous version. You want to be modern, relevant and timeless.

Preparing for Your Trial:

If you have a particular look in mind for your event, come with photos or screenshots for inspiration. It will help you and your stylist design the look you want. It’s also a good idea to wear a top that is the color of what you’re wearing to the event. If you’re a bride, throw on a white t-shirt and if you’re planning to wear a dark color but don’t have that exact shade at home, a black shirt will do! It will help you see how the makeup and hair will look on the day of the event!


If you’re keeping your hair long for the big day, you may still want to trim the ends so that you don’t have split ends. I suggest going to your stylist 2 weeks before and getting your hair trimmed about half an inch so it looks fresh again. If you wear your hair short, make sure you go to a stylist who has experience with your hair and don’t get it cut too short. It’s always easier to style when it’s a touch longer.

Hair Color:

Do you color your hair? Are you planning a big change to your hair color? Wondering when to get it colored? If you’re planning a big change, you want to go for the first appointment 3 months before so there is time to get your hair to the desired color. If the color just needs freshening up, it’s best to go 1-2 weeks before so it’s not at the last minute but not too far away that the roots may grow in.


If you’re a wig wearer, plan which wig you want to wear 3 months in advance. This way, if you wig needs any work done, you will have time to fix it. You may want to fill in hair, recut it a little, or freshen up the color.

If you decide you want to buy a new wig, start looking for one between 6 months and 1 year in advance. Buying a wig takes time and once you find your wig, it takes more time until you get it fitted, colored and styled just right. Remember that wig buying is a process and you don’t want to be pressured at the last minute before your event.


If you wax the hair on your face on a regular basis, make sure you go at least 5 days before your event. While removing the hair, waxing also strips the skin and it needs time to heal before you apply makeup. I can always tell when a client in my chair has had their face waxed the day before. The skin looks raw and the makeup just doesn’t sit right.

For those of you who are retinol users, make sure to stop using retinol at least 3 days before getting a waxing, as retinol can contribute to increased skin fragility.

Skincare Issues:

Consider seeing a dermatologist as early as possible to make a plan to deal with any skin issues that you have. The earlier you go, the more your dermatologist can help you. Especially acne issues, no-one wants acne on their special day, and a dermatologist can definitely help you there.

There are many benefits to getting a facial including clearing clogged pores, exfoliating your skin, tightening your skin, hydrating your skin, stress reduction and evening out your skin tone. If you are planning to get a facial or 2 before your big day, make sure to go at least 4 weeks in advance, to give your skin time to recover and heal after.


Tanning in the sun is a big no-no! It’s bad for your skin and most people will end up with their skin peeling on their big day. I don’t recommend fake tanning either, as it doesn’t always look natural and often looks streaky and uneven. Instead, I suggest asking your makeup artist for airbrush. It’s water-resistant and it can give you a natural, glowy look whilst not looking cakey or streaky.

Lash Extensions and Lifts:

I don’t recommend getting either of these services. Personally, I prefer to apply the lashes that I have in my kit. If you decide that you really do want to get lash extensions or lifts, I recommend finding an excellent technician, and trying it at least a month before, so you can rule out any allergies and if you don’t like it, you will have time to fix it. 

Your Skincare Routine the Month Before:

Beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin. The month before your event is not the time to experiment with skincare. You want to keep your skin in great condition, so your routine should consist of a gentle cleanser, exfoliating once or twice per week and keeping your skin well moisturized and hydrated, with a moisturizer that you use twice daily. Make sure you’re not skipping your lips, around your eyes, your hands or your legs. Having good, hydrated skin will help ensure you will look and feel your best on your day!

If you have a pimple that suddenly appears from all the stress, use hydrogen peroxide or a salicylic acid toner and dab it directly on the pimple, a few times a day until it disappears. Do not pick the pimple, no matter what! 

Don’t forget to get lots of sleep and rest, and to drink plenty of water too. This might seem basic, but when you’re running around with so many things to do, it’s easy to skip. 

Your Big Day:

The day that you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived! Here are some helpful tips for the day of so you can relax and enjoy:

Hair – Come with clean, dry hair. It’s best to wash your hair the night before, brush it out, and let it air-dry. Don’t use any hair product as it will make it harder for the hairstylist to work with your hair.

Makeup – Come with a clean face, bare of makeup. Wash your face and apply a light moisturizer!

What to wear  Wear a button down shirt, zippered hoodie or a loose fitting t-shirt is ideal, so that when you’re all glam and ready, it will be easy to change into your gown or dress.

What to do – Brush your teeth, use the restroom, and insert your contacts before your scheduled time. 

Following these tips will ensure that the day runs smoothly, and you don’t run late, cut into others allotted time, or cause delay fees. 

I hope this guide helps ease your stress! Leave a comment below with questions or comments and as always, feel free to reach out to me directly!



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