How to Choose the Right Hairdryer for You

Choosing the right tools is never easy. There are so many hairdryers on the market, all claiming to be the best one. Having a better understanding of what to look for, will help you make an informed decision when choosing a hairdryer.

POWER/WATTAGE – A hairdryer with higher wattage will give you a more powerful airflow. If you have thick hair, you will need a more powerful hairdryer. Fine hair does not need as much power to get the results that you are looking for. The more power a hairdryer has, the more heat it can handle. Power and heat need to be balanced. If a hairdryer has high heat and not enough power, it will burn the hair.

HEATING ELEMENTS – Should you choose ceramic heat or metal elements? Ceramic will heat more evenly and distribute heat better so that hair will dry more evenly.

IONIC HAIRDRYERS – These hairdryers will emit negatively charged ions to react with the positively charged water molecules, breaking them up to dry the hair faster and to smooth the hair cuticle, reducing frizz and increasing shine.

HEAT/SPEED SETTINGS – If you are not a professional hair stylist, you do not need as many settings, because you will probably use the highest setting to do your hair. However, if you plan on using a diffuser, then you will want to use a medium heat setting. Using a high heat setting with a diffuser will burn your hair. Professionals will need a blowdryer with more settings, which will afford them greater flexibility, something that is essential when working with different hair types and creating different styles.

COOL SHOT BUTTON – This feature sets the hair in place after you have finished heat styling.

POWER CORD LENGTH – Inexpensive hairdryers have short, thin cords which are problematic if the outlet isn’t exactly where you want to dry your hair. Better hairdryers have a thicker, longer cord which allows you more flexibility and are safer and easier to work with.

REMOVABLE INTAKE CAP – This cap helps you clean out the dust and gunk which will extend the longevity of your hairdryer. The mesh on the cap will also prevent hair from getting sucked into the mechanism.

CONCENTRATOR NOZZLES – Good quality hairdryers come with a concentrator nozzle which helps you control where the air is going and and allows you to get a sleeker, less frizzy blowout. 

WEIGHT AND SOUND – The newer, upgraded models of hairdryers are lighter and quieter. If you are a professional stylist these are critically important for the health of your wrists and your ears. If I am blowdrying hair for many hours, a lighter blowdryer is going to make me feel so much better and quieter is always better for preserving our hearing.

BRAND – My final recommendation is to choose a reputable brand. Ask other professionals which brands they love. Inexpensive hairdryers are not made well and will not last. Better quality hairdryers are made better and will last longer. Additionally, they come with a warranty and should they break you can send them in to be repaired.

To conclude, a better hairdryer will last longer, help you work faster, create better hairstyles and feel better to use. To help you with your decision, I have selected three hairdryers I prefer from my favorite brands, for every budget, soon to be sold on my website. For now, you can access my catalog by following this link.



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