Lace, Lace, Lace

Let’s talk about lace top and lace front wigs. There are three types of people who wear lace top and lace front wigs: those who love them, those who hate them, and those who think they look good in them when in reality, it doesn’t fit right or sit right on them!

The question is, should you get a lace top wig? 

First, let’s talk about the different types of lace top wigs. The first type is one where the whole crown area is made of lace. The second type is a wig where just the front is lace. A lace front can be a deep lace front or one with just a very small piece of lace.

A full lace top, where the entire crown area is lace, can be very flat and look very natural. It may also be very lightweight and feel very good. However, this type of wig will be more delicate and may not last as long as another type of wig. Additionally, not everyone looks good in a very flat wig. You may need to add extra hair to create fullness.

With a lace front wig, appearance is very dependent on who installs the lace. If they just add lace to a wig, without customizing it to your head, it will probably not look very natural. The reason for this is that most wigs have added thickness at the front. For the wig to look natural, the edge of the wig would need to be thinned out from the root to remove the extra thickness before the lace is inserted. Also, the lace needs to sit flush against your skin and mimic your natural hairline. If the wig professional understands wig construction and cuts away the finished front and then installs the lace to fit you personally, the wig will end up looking beautiful and as if it’s naturally growing out of your head.

If you buy a wig with a full lace top or one that already has a lace front installed, you must understand that it will need customizing in order to look right. It is very unusual to be able to buy this type of wig and just wear it. The wig stylist can’t just trim the lace for it to look perfect. Everyone has different hair growth patterns; some people have low hairlines, widow’s peaks, cowlicks, or a lot of hair above the ear. The lace needs to be customized to fit those patterns. Also, not everyone’s head is as round as others, so the lace might need to be tightened or sewn to fit the client to allow it to sit flush against the forehead, which is necessary in order to blend into the skin so you don’t see it. If it isn’t flush, it will be very noticeable, which is undesirable.

Finally, let’s discuss maintaining your lace wig. As mentioned above, lace is a very delicate material. You must take the wig to a stylist who understands how to take care of a lace wig. If it’s not washed correctly, the lace can stretch or tear which will ruin your wig. It’s very important that when the wig is washed, the shape of the lace is maintained. If the lace is torn, it is virtually impossible to fix it so that the repair is not noticeable, and to replace it can be costly.

Having this information will help you make a better decision about the type of wig to purchase. As they say, knowledge is power.

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