TURBO POWER Twinturbo 3900 advanced

TURBO POWER Twinturbo 3900 advanced


The best hairdryer that you'll ever need. Fast and efficient for all types of hair, including coarse and kinky. 

*Now includes an ANTIMICROBIAL coating and BONUS DIFFUSER

The new TwinTurbo® 3900 is an innovative, technologically advanced and futuristic hairdryer. Featuring the brand new K-Advance Plus motor, this incredible dryer gives superior performance with more power and a longer lifespan.

The new TwinTurbo® 3900 reflects extensive technological research aimed at meeting the requirements of hairdressers while also reducing energy consumption and helping to safeguard the environment.

The latest introduction to the TurboPower® range comes complete with an innovative HFS "Hair Free System" hair catcher that enables the hair styling professional to keep the hairdryer clean with a simple daily action and an anti-heat casing which ensures the hairdryer is comfortable to hold. The revolutionary 2100 watt K-ADVANCE PLUS motor gives a massive 83 cubic meters per hour airflow to make drying times quicker than ever before.

Another new innovation is the ANTIBACTERIAL TREATMENT.  The dryer is painted with a special certified antimicrobial treatment*, enriched with silver powder, which creates an unfavorable surface for the proliferation of micro-organisms and helps to maintain hygiene during use.
*Antimicrobial treatment prevents the proliferation of bacteria but does not protect against the virus of this current health emergency.

By reducing the weight of all the components TurboPower® has created an exceptionally light hairdryer which is also their quietest model yet. Complete with ionic ceramic technology it guarantees healthy, static-free hair while the built-in silencer greatly reduces noise.

Includes two concentrator styling nozzles & diffuser

Professional K-Advanced AC Motor 3,000+ Hours
New Variable Geometry Heating Element
Air Ionizer Technology
Hair-Free System
Anti-Heating front body
Ultra Light Weight Ergonomic Design
Snap-on, Easy Rotating Nozzles (2 Nozzles Included)                                             
Made in Italy